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Our Approach

All organisations are interested in ways to enhance revenue streams; tell a compelling story; and enhance their brand to the wider community.

Our philosophy is based on knowledge and skills transfer, mentoring and teaching the client to be confident and capable of moving forward independently.

Campitelli Consultancy can help your organisation with a diverse range of products and services. We work in close collaboration with your team to develop a clear roadmap to transform your vision into reality. Services can be engaged on a project-by-project basis or an ongoing monthly mentoring role.


Our team has assisted our clients to raise well over $150m. Our clients range from small to large. Naturally, referees can be arranged on request.


Our philosophy is based on creating transformational change for our clients and thereby the vital programs they deliver. Our priority is to create a lasting impact.


Professional memberships are maintained with the two peak bodies in fundraising and education: Fundraising Institute Australia and Educate Plus.

Our Services

Maximise your business potential with the help of Campitelli Consultancy.

Case for Support

The case for support is designed to sharpen the urgent compelling need of why existing or new donors and other stakeholders should consider giving to your organisation. The case addresses exactly what an organisation wishes to achieve and why with particular focus on developing a powerful, emotive and evocative narrative.

Capital Campaigns

A capital project galvanises an organisation and can inspire it to achieve great things. Most capital appeals divide into two components: an intimate Private / Quiet phase which would focus on delivering 200 lead gifts; followed by a broad-based Public / Community phase whereby all supporters may also give to the philanthropic effort.

Feasibility Study

A philanthropic feasibility study is the most widely known international best practice test to engage with potential donors. The candidates are selected from a deliberately skewed group chosen for connection, capability, influence and/or affluence. The result provides an accurate litmus test for how much money the organisation could raise in a major campaign.

Bequest Plan

Leaving an organisation a gift in a Will is an extraordinarily powerful way to make a difference. Yet, bequests remain the great untapped opportunity for many charities, schools, universities and not-for-profit organisations. A bequest program can truly provide a long-term revenue base from which major projects can be funded.

Fundraising Plan

Working closely with your team, we will provide a comprehensive blueprint that will deliver a clear pathway forward. A Three Year Strategic Fundraising Plan builds your strategy for engagement in the wider marketplace, and this is important for the organisation in its efforts to diversify and grow its income base.


From a mentoring perspective, we usually work with CEOs, Principals and Directors of Marketing & Fundraising who are searching for that one-on-one opportunity to workshop ideas, discuss and refine initiatives. Knowledge transfer and building capacity are the foundation of our methodology.

Marketing & Enrolment

The future of every school depends on a healthy prospect pipeline. Afterall, the landscape can change rapidly. All K-12 schools will benefit from adopting a well-developed and well-documented plan that has clear KPIs for success. Our plans ensure a balanced approach that is sensitive to the circumstances and budget of our clients.

Alumni Engagement

Whether it be developing future enrolments; building your brand; or sowing the seeds for future philanthropic support, an alumni plan builds your strategy for engagement with your key stakeholders. Reunions, events, fundraising, major gifts, communications, business mentoring, are all potential opportunities of a robust and fully developed alumni program.

Major Gifts

What exactly is a major gift? For a donor it is a gift of significance to the donor not necessarily to the beneficiary organisation. Major gifts are a key plank in a mature fundraising program. Organisations need to be able to inspire their donors to give the biggest philanthropic gift they have given…and feel great about it.


Successful corporate partnerships plans are built on a genuine win/win philosophy. Many organisations simply do not have a well documented corporate engagement strategy and simply send off proposals in an ad-hoc manner hoping for a successful outcome. Our approach rest on building shared values, outcomes and synergies of fit.

Community Relations

Balancing the necessary resources required to deliver success is the most important factor in determining the outcome. Most organisations have grown organically in a space that may combine marketing, communications, fundraising, admissions, heritage and customer service. A detailed assessment may result in a timely restructure with new position descriptions provided.

Major Events

Developing a major event that will raise profile, lift engagement and potentially raise significant funds are often much sought after. Our team can develop an entirely new event or provide a comprehensive audit and recommendations on existing events.

Greg Campitelli

Greg Campitelli

Founder and Director

Greg is the founder and director of Campitelli Consultancy. He has enjoyed an extensive career spanning 40 years in education; sport; film & television; and not-for-profit sectors.

Greg is also co-founder and director of three companies: Elite Sports Philanthropy specialises in the sports industry; Enquiry Tracker assists schools to manage and grow enrolments in the K-12 education market; and he is co-founder and publisher of Catholic Schools Guide - one of Australia's leading 'guide' publications.

Greg is recognised as one of Australia's most innovative philanthropic thinkers; he is a much sought after Conference presenter; and co-hosts the popular program 'Beyond Education' streamed globally via Ticker News.

Our Team

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Greg Campitelli

Sandra Campitelli

Sandra Campitelli a co-director of Campitelli Consultancy and has expertise in management and delivery of major projects and events. Sandra was formerly General Manager at peak body industry associations and senior trainer at L'Oreal Australia.

Greg Campitelli

Robert Threlfall

Rob is a Senior Consultant who has worked for many years as senior executive in iconic companies, including Newcrest Mining and the Geelong Football Club. Rob is an accountant and an experienced Capital Campaign Director who has led many successful campaigns.

Greg Campitelli

John Fitzgerald

John is a Senior Consultant who has worked for many years in the education, sport and commercial sector including Bendigo Bank and St Joseph's College, Geelong. John is an experienced Capital Campaign Director who has led many successful campaigns.

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Education Clients

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