Bequest Programs

Leaving an organisation a gift in a will is an extraordinary powerful way to make a difference. Yet, bequests remain the great untapped opportunity for so many charities, schools, universities and not for profit organisations. Currently, is estimated that 8% of Australians leave a gift in their will to charity. Just imagine if this could grow by a fraction, what a phenomenal result would occur!

A Bequest Program is an outstanding model for future proofing your organisation.

A Campitelli Consultancy Bequest Program will demystify the process; together with you a comprehensive step by step strategy; advise on the collateral development; and provide all mentoring and guidance you need to get you going.

The Bequest Program will:

  • Bequest ProgramsDevelop Gantt chart with timelines
  • Identify best programs for potential prospect support
  • Develop a ‘bequest club’ concept
  • Advise on enlistment process
  • Document objectives
  • Identify target demographic
  • Detail methodology
  • Outline promotional strategy
  • Detail implementation steps
  • Advise on all collateral
  • Document key performance indicators and measures
  • Provide industry benchmarks
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