Case for Support

Everyone needs money but what is it that makes your organisation so meritorious? The Case for Support is designed to sharpen the urgent compelling need of why the donor should give to this project, now. Does the organisation know what it wants to achieve and why is it so impactful and urgent?

Being able to succinctly and powerfully articulate why an organisation needs the investment is crucial to success.

Building on British fundraiser Bernard Ross model that describes that ultimately the outcome of any Case for Support should be able to be moulded and presented in four ways, Campitelli Consultancy will develop the three tiers of the Total Case for Support Pyramid.

Case for supportThe Case for Support will:

  • Articulate your story
  • Facilitate consensus thinking
  • Provide the building block for collateral
  • Ensure stakeholders are engaged
  • Demonstrate organisation uniqueness
  • Be passionate, balanced & factual
  • Focus in donor terms
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