Fundraising Plans

Many organisations simply do not have a well documented fundraising plan or roadmap. Working closely with your team, Campitelli Consultancy will provide a comprehensive and detailed Three Year Strategic Fundraising Plan.

This process delivers outstanding outcomes for organisations both new to fundraising and for organisations that have been fundraising for a while and would greatly benefit to have their plan fully documented, reviewed and enhanced.

A Three Year Strategic Fundraising Plan builds your strategy for engagement in the wider marketplace, and this is important for the organisation in its efforts to diversify and grow its income base. The Fundraising Plan will:

  • Fundraising PlanDevelop a comprehensive strategy
  • Detail and assess all fundraising activities
  • Develop Gantt chart with timelines
  • Identify best opportunities for potential prospect support
  • Document objectives
  • Indentify target demographic
  • Explain strategy rationale
  • Detail methodology
  • Provide innovative approaches
  • Outline promotional strategy
  • Detail implementation steps
  • Itemise all key collateral required
  • Document key performance indicators and measures
  • Provide three year budget projections on income and expenditure
  • Document human resources required
  • Provide position descriptions
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