Major Gifts

What exactly is a Major Gift? For a donor it is a gift that is significant; a gift that they can be proud of; a gift that may generate a feeling of magnanimity; and a gift that may cause a slight level of discomfort; a gift that shows leadership. Major Gifts are a key plank in a mature fundraising program. Organisations need to be able to inspire their donors to give the biggest philanthropic gift they have given…and feel great about it.

The key challenge for many organisations is understanding how to attract major gifts; how to commence a Major Gifts program; or enhance one that is already underway.

The Campitelli Consultancy Major Gifts Program Plan provides a step by step process on developing a comprehensive program. For existing Major Gifts program our consultancy uses a three step process:

  1. Major GiftsInternal review of existing program
  2. External interviews with key major donors
  3. Develop a refreshed program based on recommendations

While a new Major Gifts program will:

  • Develop a comprehensive Major Gifts strategy
  • Develop internal leadership
  • Engage Board on its potential role
  • Outline key implementation steps
  • Develop gantt chart with timelines
  • Identify best programs for potential support
  • Develop key collateral
  • Conduct prospecting workshop
  • Build prospect profiles
  • Strategise on enlistment process
  • Advise on asking strategy
  • Develop recognition protocol
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